CBSE class 10 & Class 12 board exams 2022

Students from over 15 states have petitioned the Supreme Court to have the board exams canceled. Students have stated various reasons for their demand, such as the fact that if classes are held online, exams should also be held online and not offline.

What students expect is the board exam through online mode, here we discuss more about this in this article below. Before going ahead, students should focus on their preparation for their well-being in the future. So, it’s recommended that the students assess their preparation often, not only the time during the term exams and board exams. To help you assess your preparation, Question Cloud – an online learning and assessment portal comes up with an extensive test series on the CBSE board exams as well as Tamilnadu state board exams. So, students are invited to take their chance at Question Cloud by learning and assessing in the same place.

Will the class 10 and 12 board exams in 2022 be held on paper?

Today, February 23, the Supreme Court will hear a petition to cancel the 2022 board exams. Class 10 and 12 students from CBSE, CISCE, NIOS, and other state boards are awaiting the Supreme Court's decision.

Teachers, on the other hand, are urging students not to wait for the Supreme Court's decision on the 2022 board exams. Many board exams have already begun and many more will begin soon.

Although many students remain hopeful that the 2022 board exams will be canceled, experts believe it is a futile exercise. When discussing the Supreme Court hearing on CBSE Class 10, 12, and other board exams, experts point out that the apex court has previously dismissed similar petitions. While the board exams were canceled in 2021, experts say there is no reason for them to be canceled now.

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