Chicory Exporter – Vashila Industries

Discover the world of chicory with leading Chicory exporters. Renowned for its versatile uses, chicory is a powerhouse in the global market. From being a coffee substitute to a nutritious addition To salads, its demand is skyrocketing. Top exporters from Belgium, France, and the Netherlands ensure premium quality. Embrace the health benefits and sustainability of chicory. Choose trusted chicory exporters for the finest chicory products, enhancing your culinary and wellness experiences.

Tailored to meet your specific product quantity needs, we engage in contract farming on our fertile lands, utilizing high-grade fertilizers and seeds to ensure superior yield.

Processing & Manufacturing
Our cutting-edge manufacturing and processing unit is adept at grading, roasting, drying, dehydrating, storing, and packaging top-tier agricultural products.

Our well-established network acts as a conduit, bridging the chasm between premium vegetables, fruits, spices, grains, pulses, and international buyers.

Annually, our meticulously manufactured and sourced agricultural products are exported to Russia, Gulf nations, and North America.

Our vision is to achieve growth without compromising the foundational principles of fair trade. We have established a state-of-the-art facility and strive to develop diverse products from chicory.

Our Offerings
Delve into the extensive range of agricultural food products proffered by Vashila Agro Industries, all cultivated and processed adhering to the highest quality standards.

Products Available:
• Fresh Vegetables
• Dehydrated Vegetables
• Dehydrated Fruits
• Chicory
• Potatoes
• Indian Pulses

Our comprehensive range includes fresh and dehydrated vegetables, fruits, chicory, potatoes, and Indian pulses, all cultivated and processed to the highest standards. Contact us now to place your order and discover the difference we can make together.