Cost To Hire A Java Developers | Java Developers Hourly Rate

Java is everywhere, from mobile applications and desktop GUIs to self-driving cars and other IoTs. Billions of websites and applications run on it. It has been the most loved programming language of backend developers worldwide because of its easy learning, writing, compelling, and debugging qualities. The general-purpose programming language is object-oriented and free to access.

Java is platform-independent and follows the WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) principle. Thus, software developers can code for various products and modules and reuse them as building blocks for the next application development. To create portable, functional, and secure applications, startups to big companies universally hire senior java developers.

Skilled Java developers can help you leverage the vast pool of its benefits irrespective of your industry. Since appearing as a prototype Oak in 1991 and transformed into Java, it has spread its wings wide. To date, it stays on the list of the most popular languages. The statistics showed by Oracle prove the demand for Java developers is growing, too.

12 million (and more) developers worldwide are writing their apps on Java;
15 billion devices have Java products installed;
21 billion cloud-connected virtual machines are used around the world.