Crab curry with Betel Leaves | Small backyard garden

Hello bright summer ☀️🍃 Start your day with a simple breakfast. Toasted garlic bread 🍞 Delicious vegetable salad and cauliflower soup 🍲 Doing a little routine with 2 cats 🐱 Hot weather can sometimes make you feel tired easily. In the afternoon, go for a walk, watch a movie, relax and buy things for the house 🛒

Two weeks ago Got an additional vegetable growing container. And now starting to grow vegetables 😸 Even though the vegetable plot is small 🌱 But you can grow many things. There are vegetables, herbs, spices, and even edible flowers 🌼 Relaxing day in the garden with the cat, Kaitom & Hornueng 🐈🐮

Still collecting Wild betel leaves that have been grown for many years 🌿 to make the menu "Crab curry with Betel Leaves" 🥘 spicy Thai food, thick curry, eaten with rice noodles. This menu is easy to make. There aren't many ingredients, focusing on herbs. Care is taken from the process of making the curry paste. Even if it takes a little time But the taste is delicious and satisfying 😋