Cuban Tobacco Oud Lahore in Pakistan


Introducing Cuban Tobacco Oud by Fragrance Studio, a mesmerizing scent crafted in homage to the opulent allure of Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford. With its potent fusion of tobacco and oud, this fragrance radiates sophistication and masculine charm, embodying timeless elegance and refinement.

At its forefront, Cuban Tobacco Oud unveils a bold and aromatic explosion of Cuban tobacco, instantly immersing the senses in its enveloping warmth and spicy allure. As the fragrance evolves, subtle whispers of oud wood emerge, infusing the blend with earthy richness and profound depth. The harmonious marriage of tobacco and oud creates a multifaceted and captivating olfactory journey, promising a luxurious experience that is both indulgent and captivating, a true testament to the artistry of fine fragrance.