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Data Analytics is the most popular field in any organization. For that matter, no managerial decisions are possible without analysing the data and extracting information from it. With the ever increasing volume of data organizations are interested in the insights the data could offer to make business decisions on a daily basis. Data Analytics uses various Statistical Models, Visualization Techniques, Software Applications or Tools, and finally expertise of the professional to generate required business reports.

The best part of the Data Analytics course is that there is no coding involved. Considering the role and the operations involved we could say that even the professionals from non-technical educational backgrounds could learn Data Analytics. Hence it is widely recommended for those who would like to step into the world of Data Science to start with Data Analytics. Business Intelligence and Dashboarding are popular among the industries are in high demand. Sometimes, you do not need to build machine learning models to get the required information from the data, hence the popularity of Data Analytics.