Delta Airlines Canceled Flights? Refunds and Compensations

It is frustrating when an airline cancels flights. Not only budget airlines but high-priced airlines like Delta Airline also cancel their flights due to some known and unknown reasons. You might have come across a situation when an airline canceled your flight from their side. Since all major airlines are struggling to keep up with the increased demand for flights, however, due to some unavoidable circumstances, thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed in the last couple of months. We will discuss here your rights on Delta Airlines canceled flights.

Delta Airlines Canceled Flight Policy
Delta airline is one of the legacy airlines in the United States. Your specific rights are covered when flying with Delta Airlines. You must be aware of your rights as a passenger on Delta specifically when your flight is canceled by Delta Airlines. If your flight is departing from a European airport, you will have some rights to get compensation in case of significant delays in flight or it is canceled by the airline itself. Every passenger departing from a European airport is protected by the laws called EC261.

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