DevOps & InfraOps Automation Platform

“QuickInfra DevOps & InfraOps Automation Platform”, is a Low-Code/No-Code SaaS solution that simplifies DevOps Management, Deployment of Applications & Data to Public Cloud.

QuickInfra ensures robust security and compliance in your cloud infrastructure from the outset. Our platform seamlessly aligns with critical standards like SOC 2, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and more, offering peace of mind with automatic DevSecOps controls.

QuickInfra Platform lets you effortlessly Create, Deploy, Customize, Manage, Monitor, and Optimize Cloud DevOps Infrastructure across Cloud Platforms, in Multiple Accounts & Regions—all in a few clicks.

Key Highlights:

– Automated Infrastructure Provisioning
– Automated Deployment
– One Click DevOps Setup and Infrastructure Operations Management
– Automated End-to-End Cloud Migration
– Secured & Compliant Cloud Infrastructure

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