Different Methods to use Flashcards | GrapplerTodd | Montessori Educational Toys

When used correctly, flashcards allow children to engage with information to make it easier to retain. Since children have a short attention span, it is important to make learning fun and engaging for them. Flashcards are incredibly versatile, there is no right or wrong way to use them. Experiment with different ways of employing flashcards to see which learning methods work best for your child:

👉🏼 Make them memorise a scene, place or time that reminds them of the object they're trying to memorise.

👉🏼Ask your child to match the objects (GrapplerTodd Wooden Pegs) in the flashcard to the real object, e.g an apple flashcard to an actual apple.

👉🏼As you test your child, sort the cards into “I know” and “I don’t know” piles. This will help you identify which concepts your child needs to put more attention to.

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