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A digital signature certificate is an electronic, encrypted authenticating stamp placed on digital data such as email messages, software, or digital files. A signature verifies that the information was created by the subscriber and that it has not been altered.
The originator of the content must digitally sign it with a signature that meets the following criteria:
• The digital signature is genuine.
• The certificate that accompanies the digital signature is constantly updated (not expired).
• The signing individual or company, referred to as the publisher, is regarded as trustworthy.
The three methods for digitally generating your DSC are as follows:
Paperless DSC based on Aadhaar: The subscriber/applicant can apply for Aadhaar based Online transaction verification DSC using their Aadhaar card.
Pan-based Paperless DSC: The main advantage of it is that it may be applied for online at any time and from any location, offering the applicant the gift of global convenience.
GST-based Paperless DSC: These certifications ensure complete security by assuring confidentiality of information or documents shared digitally with Digital Signature.
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