Chetak Industries is a professional Manufacturer,supplier,trader & exporter of DIN 125 Washers.We is a reliable traders, suppliers, exporters and service provider. We DIN 125 Washers Manufacturers in India offer the most commonly used WASHER in the world for general industrial applications. It is widely used in many industries such as automotive, power generation, chemical processing and heavy machinery manufacturing. Chetak Industries has been in the business for over many years now with our site spread across India, with plants located at Pune.It is a leading India based company and the manufacturing of these washers has shown that the company is capable of providing quality products to its customers.

DIN 125 Washers are a type of deep drawn washer that has sophisticated patterns on its surfaces. The company manufactures its washer in three different diameters – two inch, three inch and four inch diameter circular shaped washer

Description: DIN 125
DIN 125 is a standard for fasteners used in the automotive industry. It was introduced in the year 1930 and has since become a popular fastener type. It is made from high-grade steel and it does not corrode or rust easily. The DIN 125 Washers also has good resistance against shock loads, vibrations, and temperature fluctuations. DIN 125 Washer is a type of fastener that provides an easy-to-use, reliable, and cost-effective solution for differential mounting systems. It is designed to be used with axles that are either pressed or bolted into place. The screws have a hexagonal shape with a thread diameter of 0.8mm, and they can be found in multiple lengths ranging from 3mm to 60mm. The DIN 125 Washers have been widely accepted because they provide a high level of performance with minimal maintenance requirements.