Your resume is basically your list of skills and achievements. A paper that will make the company think about what you’d bring to their table, and not if you’re pretty or some important hotshot. They say it’s what the inside that matters, and that exactly: your application and knowledge of skills, your management, and cooperation with the team a.k.a your cognitive abilities and their execution is what matters to the HR manager sitting there reading your resume. Honestly, a recruiter hardly spends 5-10 seconds on each resume since they have a lot to choose from and everyone wants the best so what is the other way to stand out? Video Resume is the best way to do that as it illustrates your creativity, how you are tech-savvy, it will demonstrate your verbal communication skills, and how you are willing to take a risk. Video Resume gets you to a quick interview and makes it easy for Recruiters to remember you and that’s how it increases your probability of getting your dream job.