Dubai Chauffeur Service Rolls Royce | Hire Best Car Now #1

This luxury sedan car is manufactured by Rolls Royce Motor Cars Limited, the renowned British
automobile manufacturer. The 8 th generation of this car model was launched in 2017 at an
exhibition in London. The exterior structure of this edition is the same as previous Phanton cars,
with a long bonnet and flowing rear side. It is available with two types of wheelbases, the
standard and an extended one. The 6.7-liter V12 engine of this vehicle produces 571PS power
with 900Nm torque.
The interior cabin of this car is fitted with a sound insulation system of 130Kg and all the
windows are fitted with double glass panes to prevent the entry of disturbing noises. It is
provided with many latest technologies, like active cruise control, alertness assistant, cross-
traffic warning, collision and pedestrian warning, lane change warning, and a four-camera
system for the best visibility. The cost of this car varies in the range of Rs 8.99 – 10.48 crores.