Educational Games for 5-8 Years old kids

very child loves games, but sometimes the most popular games aren't suitable for their age group. Trunk Works games are not only fun and entertaining for the young kids but also age-appropriate for 5-8-year-old kids.

Whether you have got fidgety kids at home or in the classroom, a good board game can keep the little ones entertained for hours — not to mention help strengthen their critical thinking and imagination skills.

Bust boredom with this list of best educational games for 5 year olds from Trunk Works:

PlayClay Mats

PlayClay Mats are a great way for children to exercise their fine motor skills alongside having a blast. Different finger muscles get used as the clay or play-doh gets kneaded, pinched, pressed and rolled.

Think A Link

A playing card deck specially designed for kids, using their favorite things as inspiration. Think A Link is a puzzle game with pictures

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