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The cornea controls or focuses most of the light entering the eye. The primary function of the cornea is to refract or bend light. It is a thin transparent membrane that also acts as a barrier and protects the eye from infections.

Doctors usually suggest eye cornea surgery when the vision is disrupted due to damage or thinning of the cornea to retrieve and restore vision, improve its appearance, and relieve pain. Eye specialists classify cornea difficulties as sensitivity to light, blurry vision, distressful pain, and redness.

It is advised not to neglect minimalistic eye-related problems and regard them as slightly insignificant, as these could lead to terrible consequences. Several conditions can lead to such procedures such as Keratoconus, vision impairment disorder (Corneal Dystrophy), inability to precisely focus light (Corneal Scarring), swelling of the Cornea (Corneal Edema), critical injury or severe wound to the eye.