Fibro Scan in Panchkula – Superb Diagnostics

Many view Fibro Scan in Panchkula as a unique non-invasive method of testing liver for fibrosis and cirrhosis. This technology can measure values of liver stiffness and the degree of fatty change, which both are necessary in identifying liver conditions like fibrosis and cirrhosis as well as fatty liver diseases.

Located in the major medical centers and clinics in Panchkula, Fibro Scan is a non invasive ultra sound procedure that helps patients avoid liver biopsies. The procedure involves a source that radiates a small pulse of energy through a handheld probe and measures the time it takes for the pulse travel through the liver to determine the stiffness of the organ.

It’s fast providing instant results for medical evaluation and treatment. Panchkula Fibro Scan is a definitive leap towards enhancing the level of care for the liver in providing diagnosis and treatment of liver disease without the pain caused by intrusive procedures.