Fortune Muscular Magnet – One Stop For Neodymium Magnet And Ferrite Magnet

Fortune Muscular Magnet was established in 2008. Fortune Muscular Magnet is supplying competitive OEM and ODM industrial magnets, magnetic hardware and tools. We're the number one choice in clients' minds for numerous good reasons: comprehensive offerings, great R&D, responsiveness without equal, no MOQ, strict processes whether on the factory floor or in QC. We don't ask others to trust us, we earn their trust through hard work and a keen focus on the needs of all stakeholders-clients, end-users, sub-suppliers, and our own staff included.We are proud of our reputation as experts in research and development, innovative design, and engineering to meet challenging application needs. Fortune Muscular Magnet has the experience, people, technology, and facilities to design a solution that will put your challenging ideas into practical motion. Our technical team is ready to assist you.