The 16’’ Metal Bed Frame ensures a sound and secure sleep for the guests. It can hold up to 3650 lbs or 1660 kg. In order to increase its stability with the variation in size, the full size bed frames comes with four strong leg support, the queen-size bed frames has been given five strong legs as support and the king-size bed frame has six legs to support. This hotel supply, thus gives sturdy support to your guests, whether they use it to sleep or get playful.

This hospitality supply comes with an ergonomic extension. Now, you can convert a full-size bed frame into a queen-size bed frame. All you need to do is extend the sidebars provided. You can also purchase an additional centerpiece and convert a Full Size Bed frame to a queen bed frame. What you will NOT have to do is invest in another queen-size bed frame. The side extension has another benefit. It helps the mattress stay in place and prevents it from sliding off the frame.The metal bed frame is also easy to assemble. A few simple tools and the job will be done!

Lecto 16″ Full XL Size Platform Metal Bed Base or 16″ Metal Bed Frames Full Heavy Duty