Gaming 101 : Up to date Guide for Gamers

The COVID-19 restrictions have increased user interest in video games and esports. During the pandemic, numerous gaming companies and platforms saw a boost in revenue.

India's G-commerce platform has exploded amid the pandemic! ESPORTS4G, the first gaming marketplace in India, arose amidst this. It is a global gaming marketplace that focuses on connecting the real and virtual worlds by building an integrated platform for video games and Esports organizations to create metaverses where gamers can sell their gaming assets. It is India's first, safest, and only multi-vendor gaming marketplace, providing customers with gaming gear, peripherals, consoles, accessories, and PC components that will help you extend the life of your gaming systems while staying within your budget. Gamers may also use one platform to purchase and trade digital games, accounts, in-game goodies, gaming hardware, and more.

To better understand the gaming industry and gaming hardware such as graphics cards, consoles, peripherals, and computer systems. Esports4g Blog will keep you up to date on the latest news in the gaming business and gaming hardware.