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We are the only authorized distributor online that sell German made scanners. You can't get our prices anywhere for this item unless you are purchasing significantly lesser quality, non-German auto diagnostic scanners and software. We order in bulk and this is why we can offer our customers lower prices for German made scanners. The non-German units are made from cheaper material so it will burn out internally in a few months and once you plug in these scanners they will bring up unrelated codes in the vehicle. By going with the cheaper quality scanners you win on a lower initial price-point but most often the investment is doubled or even tripled when you need to purchase a whole new scanner due to no available software updates, technical support and replacement parts. We have been in business for 11+ years, provide warranty, future software updates and free technical support for the life of our scanners. We are very confident in the scanners we provide that we offer a 30 day risk free trial period. Our scanners are very user-friendly and are plug and play so when you get the unit(s) you just simply connect to your vehicle and start working. Please see our feedback from customers that have purchased our units as we always have 100% satisfied customers after they have used our units.

Think about your purchase before you make a decision. Remember: "Quality and service are remembered long after the price is forgotten”.