Get comfortable with being comfortable (butterfly)

Butterfly Group’s first venture Butterfly Marketing Limited was founded in 1987. Having started with only 3 retail outlets, Butterfly was quick to create a strong place in the customers’ minds through its first successful product Butterfly sewing machine – a symbol of the ‘emerging middle class’ in the late 80s. In 1995, Butterfly went through a major rebranding initiative when LG came into the picture as an affiliate after awarding the company with its distribution rights. In the same year, the company was made into a public company with other major expansion taking place. Additionally, the company studied the purchase decision-making process and payment behavior of various customer groups and found that a significant portion of the market aspires technological advancement in their daily life, yet unable to pay for it upfront. The hire-purchase scheme was well received with multiplying the customer base within a very short time. Since 2001 Butterfly has been maintaining the top position in consumer electronics in Bangladesh.

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