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NFC wallet is a mobile Digital wallet that supports business applications with communications using secured devices that use a special chip on the smartphone called Secure Element (SE). With the advantages of Secure Element in NFC Chip, the wallet can store credit/debit cards, access cards, coupons, loyalty cards, prepaid cards, vouchers, tickets, and many other contents in the same wallet and manage them.

This type of wallet requires the consumer to log in to the app, using perhaps a secure PIN or password. For the cardholder and the merchant, this is like how EMV PIN codes work. The wallet app can then be used for proximity "contactless" interaction with nearby contactless terminals, transport gates or other NFC devices. These solutions have been implemented by 3rd party payment partners, Telco’s and Banks as extensions of their existing solutions to their customers, partners and consumers and which We are equipped to implement the same. Digital wallet is flexible enough to adopt easily in current existing business environment, if a bank or any other service provider wants to have a wallet, we can design, develop, integrate to service providers using the Global Platform specified interfaces.
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