Give Your RPA Programme a Solid Boost with Automation Analytics

A well-publicised PwC report projects that by 2030, “smart automation” technologies could contribute up to 14% of global GDP (around 10% to UK GDP). It also believesthat the long-term net effect of automation on the economy will be positive. Thus, despite the above uncomplimentary words from a scientist whose work still drives our modern digital economy,the verdict is in – technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are here to stay.

The benefits of RPA are already well-known: streamlined processes, improvedspeed, productivity and efficiency, fewer errors, and of course – cost savings. However, what is not well-known are the benefits of RPA Analytics– not onlyto improve RPA itself, but also to boost the organisation’s overall business outcomes.

Measure and Analyse RPA Performance vis-à-vis Business Goals

RPA is revolutionising the way businesses of every size, industry and geography approach repeatable, manual or process-driven tasks. Nonetheless, many organisations are unable to extract full value from RPA to drive greater productivity, cost savings, profitability and ultimately, business growth. This is mainly due to a lack of analytical insights into their RPA deployments. In simple terms, they struggle to improvebecause they struggle to measure.

Eagle INSIGHT, a cutting-edge RPA Analytics platform from CLOUDGATE provides immediate visibility into the effectiveness of your RPA programme. It can track, measure, analyse, and forecast the performance of your organisation’s RPA effort, from productivity and utilisation to errors and exceptions. With robust data and critical business intelligence from Eagle INSIGHT, you can get greater visibility into the health of your RPA deployment, understand its impact on your organisation’s bottomline, and judge whether it is helping you meet your business goals.

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