Global Medical Tapes Market-Industry Analysis, Growth, Segmentation and Forecast-2020-2027

Typically, the construction of the tape consists of nonwoven, film or foam backings coated with acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesives. Carrier materials commonly used in carriers include Polyester, Polyethylene, Polyurethane and Silicone. Polyester is easy to adhere, but less flexible whereas polyethylene is more conformable and soft. Polyurethane is very flexible, soft and breathable and can withstand sterilization.

Each manufacturer determines approximate wear time according to their own criteria. 3M, Adhesives Research, DermaMed and Vancive studied wear times on human subjects using criteria such as breathability, edge lift, irritation, removability and adhesive residue. To best match the adhesive with the requirements of the application, a wide variety of products are needed. Lots of options available today, each offering unique features with various wear times. Production of new comfortable tapes by key players is helping the market to grow.

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