My song "Go Get It" is a fire anthem about chasing your dreams! It may sound cliche, but ANYTHING is possible with hard work. I used to work in finance, but music's my passion. I had to grind & learn the ropes.

Like me, you gotta take that first step! Research, plan, maybe some sacrifices (TV time!), but it's worth it! Don't quit! Quitting kills dreams. Look at Dr. Charles Drew, a Black scientist who invented blood banks. He faced critics but NEVER gave up. Check out "Go Get It" and my story. Let's chase those dreams together!

"Go Get It!" might sound cliche, but it's true! This song will remind you to chase your dreams, it takes hard work, though. The musician went from finance to music, learning as he went. You can too! Take the first step, research, make sacrifices, and most importantly, don't quit! Check out "Go Get It!" and D'Vo The Codex's story. Let's chase dreams together!