Hair Transplantation Treatment in Hyderabad

Hair Transplantation surgery is a common solution to a number of hair loss problems. Although it is considered safe when performed by an experienced surgeon, there are some risks associated with it. Complications may include scarring, infection, and bleeding. In rare cases, new hair may grow in the site of transplantation, which is referred to as folliculitis. Nevertheless, these risks can be minimized with antibiotics and compression before surgery.

The first day of the surgery is typically reserved for preparing the donor site and grafts. A surgeon cleans the area where the hair will be inserted. Then, with a scalpel or needle, the surgeon makes holes in the areas where the new hair will grow. After the surgery, the donor site may shrink and a tiny incision line will be visible. Typically, hair grows back at a normal rate after four to eight weeks, and the procedure can be repeated if needed to achieve a thicker hairline.

When selecting a surgeon, the patient should first discuss their expectations for the results. This will help the doctor determine which technique is best suited for their needs. The doctor should know exactly what the patient is looking for in a hair transplant. The number of follicular units needed will depend on the desired hairline. A patient should also be realistic about the number of sessions required to achieve the desired result. During the process, patients should stop taking any medications that interfere with the natural growth of hair. Taking certain medications can inhibit hair growth, and they should be stopped if they are taking antiplatelet drugs or propranolol.