HETIC MBA Digital Business SCHOOL

In 2001, France saw the emergence of the internet. Feeling that this new sector would be the catalyst for major changes in our society, the founding members decided to create HETIC, an innovative school which would meet the needs of this emerging market by continuously being reinvented and improved. 17 years and 1,200 graduate students later, HETIC is now the reference of digital schools in France and Europe. This success has led the school to grow around the world, starting with India. After spending more than 15 years building the best school in the digital field that currently exists in Europe, graduate students from HETIC are now being pursued and hired by the biggest digital companies around the world, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, UBER, etc. More than 95% of students are hired before the end of their studies at HETIC and their salary increases by about 10% each year (data from 2016 to 2018).