How are Congenital Lung Disorders diagnosed? | Dr. Indu Bubna | Pulmonologist in Andheri

Congenital lung diseases are often detected during routine prenatal ultrasounds.
Bronchogenic cysts usually show up on a fetal ultrasound if your fetus has signs of an airway obstruction. Chest X-rays can detect the condition in newborns.
CCAMs are most often seen on normal prenatal ultrasounds. They appear as white masses with occasional small dark circles. The circles are fluid-filled cysts. Because some CCAMs are fatal, physicians will constantly monitor your fetus. Although unlikely, other CCAMs may even shrink and disappear before birth.
Lobar emphysema is most often detected on a chest X-ray after your baby is delivered. Symptoms such as uncomfortable or difficult breathing often appear shortly after delivery. If an X-ray does not reveal the abnormality, physicians may use a bronchoscope (lighted tube) to locate it.
Pulmonary sequestrations are often found later in a child’s life. They usually turn up by coincidence while a doctor is looking for something else.
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