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How Automation Will Solve CFO’s No.1 Challenge in 2020

How Automation Will Solve CFO’s No.1 Challenge in 2020

Submitted by • February 24, 2020

In a Brainyard’s inaugural CFO survey, “State of the CFO Role“, the CFO’s no.1 challenge is “juggling too many responsibilities”. 186 CFO’s admitted that they are engaged with a spreadsheet for about 2.25 hours on average a day. Spreadsheet is time-consuming and still many CFOs had no choice most of the time.

Adobe Inc’s CFO Mr. Mark Garrett says “He is working on cutting Excel out of this process” He also adds that, “I don’t want financial planning people spending their time importing and exporting and manipulating data, I want them to focus on what is the data telling us”.

As like Mr. Mark Garrett, most of the CFO’s are aiming to adapt the change to improve accuracy, enhance productivity, unlock the power of data in real-time.

Several CFO’s who couldn’t completely move away from spreadsheets but working onto reduce the dependency on excel like Mr. Maurisse Johnson, CFO of Solutions Journalism Network. He stated, “I’m never going to move completely away from Excel”. “My dependen

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