How can you tell the difference between laminate and hardwood?

Due to the availability of artificial decor items, including door laminates that look exactly like hardwood, it is difficult to tell the difference between both materials. These hardwood-looking laminates are available in a great range of styles in the market, which often confuses customers with real wood. So if you are out to shop for home accessories and want to be sure whether you are purchasing a hardwood item or decorative laminates, then this guide will help you out with that.

Differing factors between laminate and hardwood:
● Grain of the item
The grain of the item is an essential factor that will help you to know if it is made up of genuine hardwood or decorative laminates. Closely analyze the grain structure of the wooden floor. If it is natural wood, then the grains will be irregular and probably will never repeat in the pattern.

On the other hand, laminated products, including PVC laminates, a pre-laminated board, or kitchen laminates, are factory-made. Hence the pattern of grains will perfectly match. Here the choice depends on you. If you want a natural look, then you can go for hardwood-styled irregular patterns, or if you want uniformity of grains, then you can find many best laminates in Bangalore.

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