Keeping track of our vitals has never been so easy, thanks to Smartwatches. They have come a long way from just offering pedometers and pulse tracking. Today, the latest smartwatches come equipped with cutting-edge features, such as sleep trackers, message or call alerts, and even an oxygen saturation tracker! But, as the trend of smartwatches is continuously getting fuelled by high demand, the market is flooded with counterfeits. They look promising on paper, but once you receive them, surprise, surprise, they don’t work! To ensure you don’t find yourself in such a trap, we went through countless smartwatches, reading their reviews and the features they offer. After intense scrutinization, homestore18 have handpicked the best watches online for men and women and men that would look good on your hand.

Hyper-personalization. These words describe the continued advancement of smartwatch tech offerings. We’ve come a long way from the original humble fitness tracker. Who knew it would soon be possible to send and receive calls right from a GPS-enabled, 32GB supercomputer strapped on your wrist?

If you're looking to buy a new smartwatch, there's a lot to take into account. No matter your choice of watch, there are certain specs that are must-haves for the best smartwatches for men: seamless cell compatibility, tech-forward solutions under the hood, design aesthetic, and long-lasting battery life.

When considering your options, take the time to determine which smartwatch will work for you. Consider which smartwatches are compatible with iOS and which are compatible with Android phones? While the Apple Watch will only work with iOS, other smartwatches may be compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Note that while a smartwatch that isn’t an Apple Watch may be compatible with your Apple device, this won’t necessarily guarantee a seamless software experience.