Type 1 diabetes or Juvenile diabetes usually comes as a shocker as no one was excepting to be affected with diabetes at an early age. Though one can develop type 1 diabetes at any age, it is usually diagnosed in children and young adults. If you have diabetes, one way of lowering your chances of developing other conditions like high blood pressure, nerve damage, vision loss, etc., is to keep yourself active. Regular exercise and physical activities can improve type 1 diabetes.

However, we are NOT suggesting doing any sort of strenuous physical activities as it can cause your blood sugar level to drop drastically. This lowering down of blood sugar is called hypoglycemia. Not only your blood sugar levels can go down to the normal level, but rigorous exercises can also cause a rise in it, and it is known as hyperglycemia.

So, before you start any physical activities, take some time to learn how you can exercise, keeping your type 1 diabetes in the desired range.