How To Install Old Version Laravel Using Composer

Today we will learn how to install old version Laravel using Composer for project that may require older version of laravel. Also sometime you have PHP older version < 8 then latest laravel version 9 not supported for php older version. Then this method is very useful.

Installation of old version of Laravel is straight forward and we can use directly composer create-project command to generate it.

Method 1 : Composer Create-Project
To install the old version of Laravel, the easiest way is to use the composer create-project command. Using this command we have to specify the only project name and Laravel version that we want it to be installed.

composer create-project laravel/laravel project-name 8.0.*
There is another method which is little complicated but you can also that method also.

Method 2 : Global Laravel Installer
If you don’t want to use composer method then you can go with Laravel Installer method also. For this you have to use “laravel new” command to install latest vesion first.