It is essentially true that every online business demands safe and secure web hosting to be successful. The best strategy is considered to look for strong security measures beforehand while hunting for a web hosting provider. Even if you’re paying huge numbers to a world class hosting provider and the selected does not offer some of the most necessary security features then it is suggested to rather invest yourself in a cheap web hosting company with better security protocols.
We’re living in the digital era, where the internet is a core focus of commerce, communication, information and entertainment for all kinds of users, businesses, government or private organizations, and the media. Along with this rapid climb; there lies danger, threats and malwares that compromise the security of your online presence in any way possible. To tackle these hackers, viruses and threats you need to account for better security features when opting for a Web Hosting plan.
Here is a generalized list of most commonly needed but necessary to have tools and features from your service provider. These factors are crucial in determining ‘which of the following hosting services is secure’.

SSL Certification and Support
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) authenticates and governs the encrypted web page’s identity by keeping a secure connection between server and the web browser. An SSL keeps away criminals and hackers from reading or writing data shared between two systems which is highly likely to attain personal information, credit card details or bank account transactions, login credentials and legal contracts-documents.
The price of SSL certificate and support varies from free to decent amounts depending on requirements of the user. When you choose a hosting provider, make sure to look for free certifications that should save you some bucks. You can check IT Fume they offer free SSL certification along with some of the best web hosting plans.
Malware check
Improved data backups