How to Solve Mac Outlook Sync Issues

Mac Outlook Sync Issues : The Outlook is also available for Mac devices. Sometimes users complain Issues.

Outlook Sync Issues occurs when Outlook performs synchronization during the update of files in PST and OST. An error that occurs during synchronization is known as the Mac Outlook Sync Issue.

Solutions for Mac Outlook Sync Issues :
There are multiple methods to resolve this issue, but primarily, we suggest you clear Outlook Mac cache.

Reasons for Mac Outlook Sync Issues
There are several reasons for Outlook Sync Issues which include: –

Outlook Mac Cache has not been cleared.
Synchronization settings are not configured correctly.
In this article, we will help you in solving these two problems so that you don’t face Mac Outlook Sync Issues.

Tips to Solve Mac Outlook Sync Issues
There are two ways to solve Sync issues which include: –

Fixing Outlook for Mac Synchronization Issue
Clearing Outlook for Mac Cache
Setting Outlook for Mac Synchronization Issue
If the server and the Outlook is unable to synchronize with each other, then the files of the Outlook will not be accessible in the program, and it will not allow you to access Outlook for Mac.

You can solve this issue by synchronizing the Outlook for Mac with the server, or you can reset Outlook settings.

Steps Mac Outlook Sync Issues :
First of all, open the application of Outlook for Mac.
Now, go to the Menu tab and select preferences.
After selecting the preferences, click on Sync Services.
If any dialogue box is checked, uncheck them all.
After unchecking the dialogue box, restart the Outlook app.
You can also fix the Outlook Sync Issue by resetting sync preferences.