ImpactR – Best Data-driven Commercial Property Leasing in India

We tower above commercial leasing by using data, business analytics and portfolio insights. We are connecting the two dimensions of commercial leasing that is the property owners and the brand requiring space for leasing via data driven technology. We provide numerous alternative properties all over India to companies fulfilling their distinct requirements and simultaneously providing a plethora of options for property owners.

We set out to execute services that are transparent and with utmost professionalism within the industry. With our unrivalled team of experts and ground level personnel we seek to deliver quick services till the last stage of leasing with integrated solutions.

By bringing together brands and companies on our common platform, the availability of properties across the country can be intimated promptly to them. Our platform tracks the requirement via the extensive resources of the available properties and consequently ventures to strike the finest deals and expedites the process which leads to reduced human resources cost and time taken by the brand. All properties undergo manifold verification procedures to ensure the workspaces is free from any complications. This connectivity in the our system unlocks the door to unprecedented opportunities and adds value to the working process.