Industrial Cooler Manufacturers, Industrial Air Coolers in Ludhiana, India- Samrat Coolers

An eminent manufacturer, with decades of experience in Evaporative Cooling Technology providing complete air cooling solutions are engaged in designing and developing a wide range of cooling systems since 1974. The product range includes Axial fan series Evaporative Air Cooling Systems, Desert Coolers, Portable Coolers, Designer Coolers, Stainless Steel Coolers, Plastic Coolers, Industrial Coolers, Air Washer Systems with Cellulose (Honey Comb) Pads, Blower Units and Cellulose (Honey Comb) Pads, All Type of Ducting and others, Exhaust fans and Ventilation Systems, Water Coolers and Industrial Chillers, Exclusive Designer Ceiling Fans, Portable Pedestal Fans and Mist Fans to enhance the beauty and decor. These Cooling systems provide high definition saturation efficiency.