Is Europe able to properly adjust its carbon border?

Agile Advisors provide Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, the system is meant to counteract "carbon leakage." Foreign suppliers will benefit if they are not required to pay the costs associated with a carbon tax. Production will eventually move to areas where this tax is not applied, and the nation that initially implemented the measure will have penalized its sector while doing no action to reduce (global) emissions. Thus far, industry has been spared these expenses by being given free allocation rights to emissions, which is a solution to the problem. Europe now intends to tax imported goods in order to counteract any potential advantages. There is conflicting evidence of carbon leakage in real life. It's difficult to determine whether the deindustrialization that certain Western nations have experienced is a result of rising energy prices or something else entirely. Furthermore, heavy industry in Europe has been protected from carbon costs by free emission allowances.