Jyotishay: Online Astrology App

Jyotishay is an online astrology app designed to provide users with personalized horoscope readings, astrological insights, and guidance based on Vedic astrology principles. Whether you are curious about your daily horoscope, seeking relationship advice, or interested in career prospects, Jyotishay aims to offer comprehensive astrology services tailored to your needs.

Key features of Jyotishay include:

Personalized Horoscope: Users can create their profiles and receive personalized horoscope readings based on their birth details such as date, time, and place of birth.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Predictions: The app provides daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope predictions to give users a glimpse of what to expect in different aspects of life such as love, career, health, and finances.

Astrological Remedies: Jyotishay suggests astrological remedies and rituals based on Vedic astrology to help users mitigate negative influences and enhance positive energies in their lives.

Compatibility Analysis: Users can analyze their compatibility with partners, friends, or colleagues based on astrological compatibility factors such as Sun signs, Moon signs, and planetary positions.

Live Consultations: The app offers the option for users to connect with experienced astrologers for live consultations, where they can discuss their concerns, seek advice, and gain deeper insights into their astrological charts.

Educational Content: Jyotishay provides educational content about astrology, including articles, videos, and tutorials to help users understand astrological concepts and improve their knowledge.

Customized Reports: Users can request customized astrological reports such as birth charts, compatibility reports, and annual predictions to delve deeper into specific areas of their lives.

Notifications and Alerts: The app sends regular notifications and alerts for important astrological events, planetary transits, and auspicious timings to keep users informed and prepared.