Kayaking your way Kayaking your way

The best ways to relieve stress and relax include trekking in the forests, enjoying at water bodies, being amidst nature or just spending time with yourself. Surprisingly, all of these are possible at Whistling Woodzs Dandeli! If the mighty river Kali is the biggest draw at Whistling Woodzs which enjoys a wide river front it also offers water sports aplenty and pampers you with the best of food and accommodation.

The thing about a place of indulgence like Whistling Woodzs is that there’s more on offer than you have the time for. Now take the case of other water sports that the resort offers- canoeing, kayaking, boating, natural Jacuzzi and more. Frankly, after you’ve done white water rafting, your mind, body, heart and soul are all at a blissful state. You feel so exhilarated that you want to experience it again and again. Then comes a moment when your mind craves for some peace and quietude. That’s when you should explore kayaking.