Keep Your Business Needs Safe With The Help Of Digital Signature

A digital signature provides cybersecurity protection against cyber threats such as malware, computer viruses, denial of service (DoS), online spam, and more. Capricorn CA has launched a program to connect every customer of DSC-related solutions to many DSC dealers, distributors, DSC dealers, DSC employees, etc. This network of DSC businesses will solve the problem of delayed services and less number of DSC resellers. It provides a safe and secure cyber environment for your data that cannot be changed or manipulated in any way. A DSC can be obtained from any registered and approved CA, root agency and MCA accredited agency regulated by the Comptroller of CAs.

From the private sector to the public sector, every setup that handles their essential office work, data exchange, and document signing process must include a digital signature certificate. According to the NITI Aayog directory, government bodies should opt for digital platforms for their records instead of relying on paper records. It is the equivalent of your physical paper document. We provide dsc channel program to companies or companies that offer digital solutions for public and private companies.