Know about Surgical Bandage Manufacturing | Operon Strategist

Surgical Bandages are the products manufactured from White Bleached Cotton hand Cloth of suitable quality. These are available in various extents of running from2.5 cm to 15 cms and of length from 3 meters or 4 meters. These are substantially used in hospital/ Drugstores for tying the injuries after dressing. The Function of bandages is to hold dressings in place to give pressure or support. They may be inelastic, elastic, or become rigid after shaping for immobilization. Surgical Cotton is substantially used for cleaning and dressing the injuries by Doctor and Jauhrus's. It's also used by artists for making Novelties particulars. Of course the Doctors consume the maximum volume of Surgical Cotton produced in India. In present much advanced time the numbers of doctors are increasing drastically thereby increasing demand for surgical cotton at veritably fast rate.

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