Lactose Intolerant? Here Are Some Creative Ways of Incorporating Calcium in Your Food

Lactose malabsorption, commonly known as lactose intolerance, is usually the result of the insufficiency of the enzyme lactase because the body is unable to produce it. As a result, they can experience bloating, stomach or chest pain, diarrhea, or gastric problems. The condition has no harm, but it can be uncomfortable and cause serious digestive problems if left untreated. In this situation, people with lactose intolerance struggle with daily calcium intake as there are not many choices when it comes to lactose-free products and high calcium food. Although the degrees of lactose intolerance may vary from type to type, for some people, having lactose-free or low levels of lactose products may be an option. In this case, calcium supplements are a life savior, and if they are 100% soluble like TotallyCALCIUM, it feels too good to be true, especially to people with lactose intolerance.