Laser healing Center Balewadi | House Of Tooth

This Centre Named after our Founder Late Dr.Murugesh Yavagal was meant to be a Dream Practice for patients and doctors alike! For close to two decades we have stood at the forefront of delivering World Class medical and Dental care with Avant -Grade technology and Ultra-modern Infrastructure. From TMJ & Facial Pain to Knee & Low back pain… From Oral Ulcerations to non-healing Diabetic Foot wounds. From ‘Flap less’ Periodontics to ‘Pain-less’ Root Canals. From Laser-Assisted Pediatric Dentistry to Laser Accelerated ‘Brace-less’ Orthodontics. From Acne & Skincare to Smoking-Cessation & De-Addiction! The exciting world of therapeutic Lasers beckons you!