Experience a new level of productivity and comfort with the Koorui 24N5C curved monitor. This budget-friendly solution caters to professionals seeking to elevate their workspace without compromising on affordability.

The centerpiece of the Koorui 24N5C is a captivating 24-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) VA display. This technology delivers crisp and detailed visuals, ensuring you can see every document, spreadsheet, and presentation with exceptional clarity. The curved design enhances depth perception, drawing you into your work and promoting focus.

Gone are the days of choppy visuals and eye strain. The Koorui 24N5C boasts a smooth 60Hz refresh rate, minimizing motion blur and ensuring seamless transitions during daily tasks. Whether you're editing documents, creating presentations, or navigating through complex spreadsheets, the Koorui 24N5C keeps up with your workload.

Beyond its technical capabilities, the Koorui 24N5C boasts a sleek black design that complements any professional environment. Its lightweight construction (2.98kg) makes setup a breeze, allowing you to quickly transform your workspace and start working efficiently.