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where to buy Grenadine Strain online

                      Grenadine Strain Grenadine Strain |   is an Indica strain that was brought to the market by Cookies and Lemonade breeders.... Read More

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Pirfenidone EP Impurity C | CAS No.: 108-95-2

Veeprho manufacture and supply Pirfenidone EP Impurity C at an efficient cost. Name: Pirfenidone EP Impurity C Catalogue No. VL1630003 CAS No. 108-95-2 Molecular Formula C₆H₆O Molecular Weight 94.11 Status In-stock IUPAC Name 2-Allphenol VEEPRHO is an emerging, research-based global pharmaceutical company with diverse combination of skills,... Read More

Gliclazide EP Impurity A | 70-55-3

Gliclazide EP Impurity A (CAS No: 70-55-3, Molecular Formula - C7H9NO2S, Molecular Weight - 171.22) or Gliclazide BP Impurity A chemically known as 4-Methylbenzenesulfonamide is an intermediate formed during the synthesis... Read More