Mi 20000 mAh Power Bank 3i at Poorvika

What else is needed when we have a power bank that can charge laptops when it is required? Mi 20000 mAh power bank can produce energy for up to 45w and can charge your MacBook or switch. It is capable of charging all of the devices any time, anywhere.

How can a small device charge Laptops and other devices? The answer is simple. This particular power bank has a diverse range and high-quality Lithium Polymer Battery, which produces more energy density so that we can charge any device. It is safe, and as well as improves charging conversion rates, and stabilizes the discharging voltage.

Another benefit of this power bank is that it can charge quickly because it has 18w fast charge support. It comes with a dual-input port option such as a Micro USB and USB C type, the same as a 10000 mAh mi power bank.

One of the major differences between the 20000 mAh and 10000 mAh power banks is that 10000 mAh comes with a thin and lighter structure, whereas the 20000 mAh power bank has a bit bulky since the battery capacity is doubled.

It also has a low-powered mode that helps charge the low-powered gadgets like Bluetooth devices or fitness bands. We can use this mode by just tapping the power button twice.

These power banks come with 12-layer advanced chip protection, which prevents your mobile devices from overheating, overcurrent, and short circuits. Get Your Suitable Power Banks at the Best Offer price from Poorvika. To know more about the offers and info, Head to Our Official Website Now.