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NDIS participants with psychosocial disabilities can significantly benefit from the service of a Psychosocial Recovery Coach. As NDIS support workers with lived or learnt experience in mental health, Recovery Coaches can help people with psychosocial disabilities to navigate the NDIS and make progress towards their goals. This will ensure increased social and economic participation of such participants and empower them to become a part of mainstream society.
NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coachingis a service that focuses on the capacity building of the participants rather than providing assistance with daily activities which are fulfilled by NDIS Core Supports. Recovery Coaches support individuals in their journey towards recovery by spending time with them and getting to know about their personal goals. This will help the Recovery Coaches to assist the participant with recovery planning and guide them towards recovery-oriented support and services. Recovery coaches are expected to connect the participants with a broader system of supports including mainstream supports.

Regular interactions with the Psychosocial Recovery Coaches will help develop a recovery-enabling relationship which will encourage the participants to believe in themselves and pursue their goals with confidence and determination. Recovery Coaches must keep accurate records of their interactions with the participants and the assistance provided as they are required to provide reports to the NDIA before the participant’s plan review regarding the progress achieved through recovery coaching.

Aastha Community Services believes that Psychosocial Recovery Coaching is an essential support that will redefine the way we approach psychosocial disability and helps the participants to recognise their strengths and let them be in charge of their own recovery. Recovery is not a one-stop destination but it is a constant journey where you can rely on the experience and expertise of our Recovery Coaches. Contact us