High Rates of Success
Neurostar Program has demonstrated a high percentage of success in treating major depressive illness, according to clinical research. Many patients see notable symptom improvements, and some even experience a complete remission.

Very Few Side Effects
The negative effects of Neurostar TMS therapy are less severe than those of conventional antidepressants. The most frequent adverse effects are slight headaches or soreness in the scalp, which usually go away quickly after the session.

Enhanced Life Quality
Patients' quality of life can be greatly enhanced by the Neurostar Program by successfully lowering symptoms of depression. Patients frequently report feeling happier, sleeping better, having more energy, and generally feeling better.

Prolonged Outcomes
After receiving Neurostar TMS therapy, many patients report having their symptoms significantly reduced over an extended period of time. To maintain the advantages over time, maintenance sessions could be advised in some circumstances.