Next Cart | Shopping Cart Migration Service

Next Cart was founded in 2018 by a group of professionals who wanted to provide the best shopping cart migration to meet the data migration needs of individuals and organizations operating in the field of e-commerce. With Next-Cart, customers can move all the important data on your online store like products, images, categories, orders, reviews, blog posts… All the complicated processes will only be encapsulated in three “standard Next-cart” steps. There will be a full and detailed introduction video of the work that you have to do to be able to migrate data quickly. Besides, Next-Cart has highly appreciated thanks to a team of enthusiastic consultants and technicians who are always available 24/7 whenever you have a problem. If you are wondering about how much you have to pay for each data migration, don't worry too much. Next-Cart uses Migration Pricing to set prices with extremely clear listed prices for each entity milestone.

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